Stef Jones is a lifelong ad man who ran his own agency for 20 years. Voluntary work in HMP Brixton led him to the realisation that he had a passion for prisons and specifically, helping keep people out of them.


Rob Love is a senior leader with experience in the travel, healthcare, fitness and software industries, covering both blue-chip multinationals as well as start up organisations. Rob has a huge passion for rugby, and getting things done.



Sir John Sunderland is a well respected pillar of British trade and industry who brings vast business experience and connections to the board. His career highlights include Chief Executive and Chairman of Cadbury’s, Chairman of Merlin Entertainment Group and President of the CBI. His non-exec directorships include Barclays plc, AFC Energy plc and CVC Capital Partners. Sir John is the current Chancellor of Aston University, and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. He’s a proud father of four and dedicated grandfather to many. When not chasing them up and down the garden, he finds time to support the Arts and English Rugby.


Jonathan Sellors was the first trustee we appointed. Not because he’s a lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Commercial Contracts, or because he’s a half-decent boxer and rugby fan, or even because he’s had over ten years’ experience dealing with the MoJ, negotiating contracts on behalf of the Clink Charity. No, we asked John to be a trustee because he’s smart, pragmatic and direct. And because he shared our vision and passion for restoring lives.


Ben Greig is a serial entrepreneur. From the day he left university he has been starting, growing and selling businesses. (He introduced Romania to sliced Bread!) His commercial exploits have led to successful forays into the fields of technology, catering and clothing, with operations the length and breadth of Europe. His passion is for production lines though. Ben is not one to hide away in the boardroom. He’s much more comfortable in the boileroom or on the front line where the real work gets done. The only time Ben actually sits still is when astride his motorbike. And then he’s usually exploring some distant, preferably hostile part of the planet.


Pauline (Polly) Stewart is one of life’s forces of nature. She feels deeply for the betterment of the undervalued, underprivileged and under-represented. But Polly’s not just about feelings, she’s about action. An authority on Leadership training, gang pressures and inspirational change programmes, she’s also an ex Special Constable and Justice of the Peace. We’re delighted to have Pauline as our first Chair, and doubly delighted as she is also a vocal advocate for the advancement of women.


At the heart of Onwards & Upwards you’ll find the Gang 4 Good.

Every new initiative, protocol or venture we create has their fingerprints all over it. These guys know the score. They’ve got great insight and instinct for what will work for our staff, and what most probably won’t.

(If they say "no", it don’t go).

Everything we develop we develop together. That way, we can create

a new way. A way that works. And works better for us all.